Water vs. Food

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Which is more important to survive, Food or water? Both are key elements to wilderness survival but the lack of water will send you into the danger zone quicker than the lack of food.

1. Human needs eight cups of water each day.
2. When 1% of the total water weight of a person’s body is lost, the person will feel thirsty.
3. Sixteen drops of bleach will treat one gallon of water.
4. Approximately 4000 people are treated annually from drinking contaminated water in the United States.
5. A person can survive without water for about five days.
6. 66% of the human body is water
7. Even in cold temperatures your body needs about two liters of water to maintain itself

1. A person can survive without food for approximately 3 weeks.
2. Insects and bugs are high in protein and are great survival foods.
3. Plants could also be a source of food if you know which plant to ear from.
4. For survival purposes only, you can rely on the animals around you as a source of food. Only kill to eat.

Dehydration and starvation should be taken seriously, however, dehydration will break down your body faster than the lack of food. Your body stores fat and it will utilize it should it feel needed. The next time you decide to hit the trail, make sure to bring plenty of water and food to last your entire trip but if you were to bring extra of one or the other, water would be the ideal choice. It is easier to scavenge for food than to get enough clean water to drink. Be sure to include some water treatment tablets when you pack!

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