Survival tips that can save your life!

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There are four things that you will need to survive in the wilderness, especially if you don’t know when help is coming – Food, Water, Shelter, and a Fire.

Ever heard of spit fishing? All you need is a shirt and enough saliva to spit. Spit fishing is a quick way to catch minnows and small fish, which can then either be cooked up into a crunchy goulash or used as bait to catch bigger predators. All you do is wade out into the water, lift the front of your shirt to improvise a net under the water’s surface, and spit. Minnows are attracted to the spit they think is food, and when they’re clustered in front of you, jerk your shirt up out of the water.

A Dakota Fire hole could be a lot of work and energy in a survival situation but it could be very beneficial. Hypothermia is an extreme danger in It’s basically two pits dug side-by-side in the ground with a tunnel connecting them. The fire is in one pit, and the other pit allows air, and oxygen, to reach the fire from below via the tunnel. From a practical standpoint, this is also an ideal way to keep a fire going in very windy conditions. You have a source of heat, a fire to keep predators away, and a way to cook your game.

The solar still, an easy-to-make contraption that uses a tarp or a piece of plastic to collect evaporated water from dirt. All you need to do is dig a hole in direct sunlight and drape your tarp over the opening. Secure the edges with logs, rocks, boxes of tampons anything you have lying around. Then, and this is important, place a little pebble right in the middle of the tarp, so it pulls the plastic down into an upside-down pinnacle. When the sun hits the tarp, the air trapped inside the hole heats up, which in turn evaporates the moisture in the dirt. As that moisture rises, it will condense on the underside of the tarp and run down to the center, the lowest point. A cup or bowl on the floor of the hole right below this point will catch the pure, distilled water as it drips down. Dehydration is another killer in a survival situation this is just one way you could prevent it.

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