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How it all began

On April 1, 2011, Joe Le, 20 years of age, left the house to go on a hiking adventure with a friend in the San Gabriel Mountains, set on conquering the Bridge to Nowhere. During his hike, he lost his grip on the rope crossing and was pulled away by the current.

It all began at 8:30 pm when Victoria heard a car door slam right outside her home. As she looked out the window, she saw a man in uniform and what seemed to be a friend of Joe’s walking alongside him heading towards the house. Struck with fear, she remained calm and opened the door to invite them in. Advised of the situation, Victoria decided to be proactive in the search for her brother.

A quarter before 10 pm that night, sickened with fear, Victoria took to social media to spread the word.She was determined to bring him home and pleaded for help on Facebook and other social media outlet. “My little brother Joe left for a hike this morning and had not return. I will be going to the San Gabriel Mountain to look for him tomorrow at dawn. If you have time available, I need help finding my brother and bringing him home. If you can help, please come to my house at 4am. I will leave for the search at 5am”. She post on her Facebook post that was also linked to Joe’s Facebook. Her ask for help had touch many that night and word started to spread like wild fire. Not knowing how effective her plead was, Victoria and her family was determined to go to the San Gabriel Mountains with or without help. Little did she know, there were people who drove to her house that night and parked in front of her house waiting for the right time to come in.

A weekend filled with hope, prayers and compassion took place when Victoria rallied over 250 strangers who were willing to give their time to help her look for Joe. With the help of many volunteers, Joe was recovered on the second day of the search and allowed to be put to rest.

Victoria, filled with gratitude and appreciation, dedicated her life to helping families with missing loved ones. During Joe’s funeral, Victoria vowed to turn her personal tragedy into something meaningful: G.I. Joe Search and Rescue — the Joe Le Foundation. She saw it as a way to give back to a community that had given so much to her family.

G.I. Joe Search and Rescue – The Joe Le Foundation was announced to the public during Joe’s farewell gathering and all funeral proceeds went to the establishment of the organization. Through strategy building, training, and facilitating, her team has helped many families locate their missing love one.

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